Using Amazon Echo outside US

Amazon Echo

It is possible to use Amazon Echo outside US but there are some challenges in setting it up. Specifically, I was trying to setup for use in Malaysia.

CWE-316 storing secure strings in .NET SecureString

How to resolve CWE-316 in .NET using SecureString in a neat and easy way.

BYOD CI/CD build machine to run pipelines using Docker

Skip the build queue and save money by reducing (if not eliminating) dedicated build machines by Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) as CI/CD build machine to run pipelines using Docker.

Checklist for switching from Windows to Linux

Every year, the reasons to switch from Windows to Linux grows more and more. Linux distros are more user friendly than they used to be. In terms of difficulty, it is probably like switching between iOS and Android except that you need to setup the Operating System yourself.

Here are things to consider when switching from Windows to Linux.

Enforce Safe Search on Google, YouTube, Bing

Enforce safe search on Google, YouTube, and Bing without a HTTP proxy. Instead, override DNS lookups, resolving to strict search server IP addresses. Works on IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

GitLab CI remove priority zero from Hugo sitemap

Hugo static site generator generates sitemap.xml that include priority zero URLs. These are the taxanomies, tags and categories. To prevent these from appearing in Google Search results, GitLab CI can be configured to remove unwanted XML nodes (priority 0) from sitemap.xml.

GitLab CI push output to GitHub

Utilise GitLab CI runner to build and publish static website to GitLab and GitHub pages. By having mirrored copies, it is possible to switch DNS records to point to either for high availability reasons.

TM Streamyx Router Wi-Fi Security

If you are using the router that came with your telco provider, please take immediate action to verify its security settings, in particular Wi-Fi.

Last week while at someone else’s house, I discovered that default settings of the router provided by telco had not one but 4 Wi-Fi SSIDs. One of them was already secured with a long WPA2 password, good. However, the remaining 3 were without security. Their SSIDs were hidden but hiding SSID is not a form of security!

Hugo Static Site Generator with CI Deployment using GitLab

Over the weekend, I moved my blog from GitHub to GitLab. I now have a fully automated CI build on GitLab that grabs a NodeJS Docker image, downloads Hugo, UglifyCSS and HTMLMinifier via NPM, build and minify pages, and finally publishes to GitLab Pages on every Git merge to master.

Block ads with OpenWRT dnsmasq

Block ads with OpenWRT dnsmasq and automate downloading of the latest list once a week. This solution can also be applied to blocking crytocoin miner domains.