HyppTV Set-top box connect to Play Store

  • January 22, 2017

TM provided an Android based set-top box (STB) for customers to watch HyppTV channels. When starting up, Play Store icon appears on main screen but when attempting to sign in, I kept getting a connection error message. After spending a bit of time, I found the solution.

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Rechargeable batteries vs non-rechargeable ones

  • January 4, 2017

I have been using rechargeable AA and AAA batteries for a few years throughout my home and thought of doing a writeup on how it has been working for me and why you should consider doing the same.

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Using Dash IFTTT to notify others upon reaching a location

  • December 28, 2016

I have been using a mobile app called Dash (smart driving app) for a week and decided to write a review about it as well as sharing how I am making use of it to notify others (in my case, family members) as soon as I have reached an area, i.e. home, office, etc.

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Build online radio player using Raspberry Pi

  • December 24, 2016

Simple guide to building an online radio player using Raspberry Pi with Android/iOS device as remote control.

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Automate downloading of historical data from Sunny Explorer

  • December 24, 2016

If you have SMA solar power inverters and would be interested to automate downloading of historical data, read on. I have written a PowerShell script that downloads data as CSV format and places them into folders by year and month.

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Track users connectivity to Wi-Fi using OpenWRT

  • August 27, 2016

How to know what time a person reached or was at home? One of the simplest method is to track when the user was connected to Wi-Fi. This could be accomplished easily if you have OpenWRT firmware on your router.

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Get notified via IFTTT or Pushbullet when OpenWRT router has started

  • July 31, 2016

Using IFTTT’s Maker channel, I could setup a Web Request receiver or if you prefer a simpler method, you could use Pushbullet. Then I configured my OpenWRT router to post to the receiver on startup.

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Static blog generated by Hugo hosted on Google Firebase

  • July 14, 2016

I have migrated my blog from WordPress to static website generated by Hugo. Here is why.

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Conditional multiple OpenVPN routing by hostname or IP

  • June 19, 2016

Using OpenWRT, connect to multiple OpenVPN instances and conditionally divert one or more outgoing traffic to specific VPN route by destination host names or IP addresses.

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OpenWRT encrypted DNS lookup using multiple DNSCrypt servers

  • May 23, 2016

Want to setup OpenWRT to query specific DNSCrypt server depending on domain name to resolve? Read on.

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