Hugo Static Site Generator with CI Deployment using GitLab

Over the weekend, I moved my blog from GitHub to GitLab. I now have a fully automated CI build on GitLab that grabs a NodeJS Docker image, downloads Hugo, UglifyCSS and HTMLMinifier via NPM, build and minify pages, and finally publishes to GitLab Pages on every Git merge to master.

Block ads with OpenWRT dnsmasq

Block ads with OpenWRT dnsmasq and automate downloading of the latest list once a week.

Running .NET Core on Raspberry Pi Raspbian

Easy guide to running .NET Core 2.0 applications on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 with Raspbian.

How to disable TLS 1.0 on an Azure App Service

TLS 1.2 - yes Yes it is possible to disable TLS 1.0 and even 1.1 without using App Service Environment (ASE). The solution is to use Azure Application Gateway and a custom hostname.

GitHub, VSTS, Google Cloud folder icons

GitHub, VSTS, Google Cloud - folder icons Set folder icons for your favourite source control repositories.

GitHub new release notifications

If you want to find out how to watch a GitHub repository for new releases and just that, here is very simple guide.

Running .NET Core on Windows Subsystem for Linux

Build .NET Core apps on Windows, run it on Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Remotely reset your Android device

You have the phone or tablet with you and you have attempted to factory reset it to no avail. Fret not! If the device has Play Store and you are signed in, you may still be able to reset it.

Antivirus for Android

I believe most people have antivirus running on their PC/notebook especially if they are on Windows. Somehow most people do not seem to have the same urge to have one on their mobile.

.NET Core on Google Cloud f1-micro instance

Given that .NET Core is capable of running on Linux, I decided to try running a simple Hello World test on Google Cloud Platform f1-micro instance and also ran OpenSSL speed tests.