Speedtest OpenWRT with flow offloading

Speedtest OpenWRT flow offloading on Archer C7 Unifi Turbo 800Mbps

I have upgraded to TM Unifi Turbo 800Mbps for quite some time but yet to realise the speed promised by ISP. In my case, it is not fair to blame the ISP because the bottleneck was not at their end, rather due to my router. When OpenWRT announced the release of version 19.07, I took it for a spin and enabled the new flow offloading feature. The performance increase was significant.

Ultrawide monitor on Linux

After some fiddling around, I managed to get 2560x1080 output on my Linux laptop hooked to a LG 29WK600 21:9 UltraWide Monitor.

Switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint

Having switched to Linux Mint from Ubuntu in December 2018, here are my first impressions.

Reduce internet lag on OpenWRT

How to reduce internet lag on OpenWRT when there is heavy download/upload activity on the same internet connection.

Workaround to Wi-Fi issues on OpenWRT LEDE

Automatically restart Wi-Fi when there are no clients connected.

Writing readable LINQ code in C#

As a software developer, writing self-explanatory code is a skill that most agree is required but everyone seems to have differing views on the level of code simplicity. In this post, I am sharing my views on how I write readable LINQ code.

Solution to images not showing on InoReader


I noticed thumbnails for my blog’s RSS feed were not showing up. After investigation, I found the root cause and solution and it was a simple one.

Prevent overheating by disabling turbo boost

psensor - edit sensor preferences

CPU throttling, PC shutting down abruptly, etc. These may be signs of overheating. Disabling Intel turbo boost may help. Screenshot above is the temperature range after disabling turbo boost.

How to fix choppy YouTube videos on Firefox and Chrome on an old laptop

Dell Inspiron 6000 - Lubuntu SMTube

How to fix choppy YouTube videos on Firefox and Chrome on an old laptop.

Running WhatsApp, Allo, Todoist, and OneNote on Ubuntu

nativefier - desktop launchers

In the absence of native desktop apps for Linux from WhatsApp, Allo, Todoist, OneNote and many others, the next best alternative is to simply run the web app via web browser. To make the experience of launching it closer to a native app, read on.