Solution to images not showing on InoReader


I noticed thumbnails for my blog’s RSS feed were not showing up. After investigation, I found the root cause and solution and it was a simple one.


2018-04-18 I previously misspelled Inoreader as Innoreader. Sorry for the misspelling.


I need thumbnails of my blog’s RSS feed to show up on InoReader.

Cause and solution

It is fairly normal for websites to apply hotlink protection to prevent other websites from leeching bandwidth for static content, especially images. It turns out, InoReader displays images by hotlink method. This makes sense for them as downloading the images, keeping it on their servers then serving from there would cause them to incur extra operating costs.

I have been using Cloudflare with hotlink protection enabled thus the fix was simply to disable the hotlink protection. This is not a problem given that neither Cloudflare nor the underlying host (GitLab and GitHub pages) charge for bandwidth used.

Cloudflare - Scrape Shield - Hotlink Protection