Solution to lag during DOTA 2 Alchemist acid spray on Ubuntu 17.10

This lag has been driving me nuts and I swear it did not lag like that before I upgraded my Ubuntu to 17.10.


As per the title, every time Alchemist (a hero in DOTA 2) uses acid spray spell, the screen lags awfully, especially the mouse pointer movement. I could not describe this any better; oddly Steam’s FPS counter was showing 60 fps during the lag when it actually felt like 5-10 fps.

Aside from that, SMPlayer plays some videos outside its boundary and my screen freezes after playing a video on VLC Player for about 20 minutes.

These problems appeared since I upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10.


This problem seems to stem from Ubuntu’s move to Wayland from My laptop’s graphic drivers may not work very well in Wayland, for now so I switched to and all the problems mentioned above disappeared.

To switch to, logout then at the login screen, click on the settings icon and choose “Ubuntu on Xorg”.

Ubuntu login - Ubuntu on Xorg

Resolved! :)