HyppTV Set-top box connect to Play Store

TM provided an Android based set-top box (STB) for customers to watch HyppTV channels. When starting up, Play Store icon appears on main screen but when attempting to sign in, I kept getting a connection error message. After spending a bit of time, I found the solution.


Early March 2017: TM has pushed out updates to the box and as a result Google Play GApps has been removed. I am not pursuing for a solution on this. Better off buying a cheap Android box that is not locked down.

What is HyppTV

HyppTV is the name of the IPTV service provided by a Malaysian telco named TM.

The set top box

It used to be grey in colour and at least 4 times as large as the newer white unit, Huawei EC6108v8. You need to have the latter model as shown below.

HyppTV Huawei EC6108v8

If you are still having the grey unit, it is very likely not working by now. Mine failed after months of non-usage. I got the new unit by upgrading my package one step up thus getting a warranty extension which I then called support to get the new unit.

Cannot sign in to Play Store

Great that it is Android based but I could not sign in. The exact wordings of the error message:

Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server.

This could be a temporary problem or your Android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.

The solution

Connect a mouse

Left click to select. Right click to go back.

Seriously, using the remote is PITA.

Keyboard does not work very well; had troubles getting the shift key to work properly and could not type in symbols. Did not delve further.

Connect to Wi-Fi with internet connection

From main screen, click on Settings then setup connection to your home Wi-Fi.

The cable of the STB is connected to VLAN 600 which has access only to HyppTV channels so you need to establish a Wi-Fi connection to access internet.

Verify that clock is synchronised

In settings again, go to Date and Time. Verify that the date and time are correct.

Correct time is required for SSL to work.

The default time server set is which resolves to ns3.tm.net.my. If time is synchronising properly there is no need to change this.

I prefer using Google’s as it is more resilient, time1.google.com.

Clear application cache

In settings once more, click on Manage Applications then All applications in STB. Then Force stop and Clear data for the following applications:

  1. Google Play Store
  2. Google Services Framework

This is to reset them to get a clean slate.

Turn off the STB using physical power button. Wait a few seconds then turn it back on.

Sign in to Play Store

Click on Play Store and sign-in. This time you should be able to.

Installing and running applications

I tried the following apps:

  1. iflix: it can start but it prompts me to login even though I do not need to on my mobile.
  2. TED: videos can play albeit there is a bit of lag at the start of a stream.
  3. Podcast & Radio Addict: works fine.
  4. Google Play Newsstand: works fine.

HyppTV My Applications

After installing 2 apps, Play Store would just auto-close the moment I try to search for anything. I need to uninstall one of them to install another. I do not think it is an issue of storage space as there was 1.2GB free.


It was a fun experiment but I will stick to Chromecast.